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How Objective became the go-to firm in the Israeli market for investment analysis, consulting, and risk management services in alternative investments

Date: 2022

Firm Type: Investment Consultant
Asset Class:
Use Case:
Investment Analysis, Benchmarking, Portfolio Monitoring, Market Research
Tel Aviv, Israel

Preqin is our growth partner. It helps us identify trends and benchmarks. Preqin is our go-to for data – it’s where we go… to support our clients.

The opportunity: a growing need from LPs for unbiased support on the Israeli alternative investments market

When Israeli investors went looking for unbiased alternative investments advice, Objective fulfilled the need and watched its business expand exponentially.

Market conditions have spawned new interest in alternative investing in Israel. In the wake of COVID-19-induced financial disruptions, traditional investors are increasingly seeking to diversify their holdings and reduce their risk. Investors are eager to enter the alternatives space, but find it difficult to obtain nonpartisan information about Israel’s alternative investment funds. Israel’s small private investments market is also riddled with potential conflicts of interest, creating an additional barrier for potential investors in search of neutral data to guide their investment decisions.

Recognizing the unmet need for impartial analysis, ongoing monitoring, consulting, and risk management services in Israel’s alternative investments space, Boaz Warshavsky founded Objective in 2018. From the start, Objective’s vision was to create a neutral resource for the country’s alternative investors.

Somewhere for potential market participants to outsource their analysis needs, confident that the information they received was unbiased and formed a reliable foundation upon which to base their investment decision-making process. Interest in the firm’s services soon grew.

The requirements: timely and reliable market data to support Objective’s clients

To keep up with this surging demand and provide clients with this vital fund analysis, Objective needed a tool to systematically compare key fund metrics and trends across a wide variety of alternative funds covering the private equity, venture capital, real estate, private debt, and infrastructure asset classes. Analysts at Objective also needed a way to stay current on new developments, as well as a means of verifying information about the fund they’re analyzing. They found their solution in Preqin.
In Preqin, we find helpful information we use to compare third party funds from the same vintage year. We look for benchmarks to help us ultimately define whether the specific funds we're analyzing are what our client [the investor] is looking for.

The solution: local coverage of the Israeli market in the context of the global alternative investment market

After matching Objective’s requirements against their product offerings, Preqin activated a brief, successful trial period during which Objective’s analysts explored the data and thought leadership solutions they would soon adopt as an integral part of their workflow.

Objective relies primarily on the Preqin Pro platform and Preqin Insights for the vital information the team requires to support their clients in making smarter investment decisions. Using Preqin Pro, Objective analysts regularly update data on their target list of core funds and conduct essential performance analysis for benchmarking purposes. Key information from Insights blogs and articles enables Objective to tap into trends in the industry or collect specific information related to the funds they track.

The results: surging demand for Objective’s services in the middle of a global pandemic

Since pairing with Preqin to support its alternative investments data needs, Objective has reported a staggering 50% increase in the demand for new analysis from potential market participants that recognize the value in guiding their decision-making with completely unbiased alternatives information.

Using Preqin Pro and Preqin Insights to support this advancement and success, Objective also recorded an impressive 25% increase in new investments per analysis from its inception to October 2021.This surging growth is solidifying Objective’s position as Israel’s preferred alternative investments analysis and consulting service, providing complete, fair, and neutral alternative investment information, supported by Preqin.
Objective continues to grow and expand and together with Preqin we believe this trend will continue.

About Objective

Objective is the leading analysis firm for LPs interested in Israel’s alternative investments market. It supports investors’ entire lifecycles by providing market participants in Israel and abroad with comprehensive and impartial pre-investment analytic analysis, ongoing monitoring, reporting, risk management, and market education. Clients include institutional investors, family offices, high net-worth individuals, and more.
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