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Women in Alternatives 2023

Gender diversity in global private markets

How organizations are working toward achieving gender balance in the alternatives industry

Progress on gender diversity in alternative assets continues to be incremental. The proportion of women working in the alternatives industry improved marginally to 21.3% from 20.9% the previous year. But greater discrepancy exists at the senior level, as women account for just 13.6% of the senior workforce.

Despite the under-representation of women, trailblazers are leading thoughtful conversations, conducting valuable analysis, and developing solutions to improve diversity and combat gender gaps throughout the alternatives industry.

Our latest Women in Alternatives report highlights which asset classes and regions are showing the most improvement in terms of representation, how gender disparity appears in the workplace, and which organizations are using data and policy changes to improve diversity.

The report is available to Insights+ subscribers and users with a Preqin free account - download the PDF or explore the digital version.

For more content, visit the women in alternatives homepage.


By Shifra Ansonoff and Geetanjali Bhalotia

March 8, 2023

The alternatives industry still has a long way to go in terms of gender equality. Marginal successes and slight improvement are no longer acceptable. Preqin’s annual Women in Alternatives report examines the workforce in every asset class, investigates discrepancies in venture capital and hedge funds, and analyzes through an intersectionality lens.

Despite some progress in the gender gap at lower levels, the disparity is most prevalent in senior positions. We spoke with Global Head of Research Data Operations, Shifra Ansonoff, and APAC Head of Research, Geetanjali Bhalotia, about the progress that has been made and the obstacles women face on their journey to senior positions.

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