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Investment Consultants

Optimize your clients' alternatives strategies

Comprehensive alternatives data ensures you’re always offering your clients the highest-quality service, delivering the insights, opportunities, and support they expect.

Make the best recommendations for your clients

Screen all funds open to investment – or expected to come to market soon – on a global scale using a variety of tools and filters to ensure opportunities align with your clients’ alternatives strategies.

Source new business and plan your next move

Locate new prospects and land new clients by utilizing cutting-edge industry data and exclusive investor information. Get alerted to new investor searches and RFPs for consultants, and keep a close eye on the business your competitors secure to stay one step ahead of the market.

Provide engaging and ongoing client support

Streamline the production of internal and client-facing reports with visual analytics across custom and personalized benchmarks, market statistics, and cash flow management.

Prepare client portfolios for what’s ahead

Gain complete visibility into your clients’ portfolios and their projected cash flows with a forecasting model 98% more accurate than the Yale model*. Ensure your recommendations align with your clients’ allocation plans with a fully customizable forecasting solution available at the fund and portfolio level.

Benchmark client portfolios

Analyze how your client portfolios are performing against the market using a wide range of unparalleled performance data and tools, including market and customizable benchmarks, indices, quartile rankings, public market equivalents, and more.

Improve your understanding of industry activity and trends

Make data-driven recommendations based on empirical and qualitative information. Put client portfolios in a broader market context and gain perspective on trends surrounding the asset classes, strategies, and industries clients care about with Preqin Pro.

Discover why we're the thought leader in alternative assets

Customer statistic

89% of surveyed organizations are likely to recommend Preqin

According to a survey of 150 users (as of Jan 2021).

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Preqin Pro

Access the industry’s most comprehensive private capital and hedge fund datasets and analytics tools.


Stay on top of the latest developments in alternatives with exclusive industry reports, publications and statistics.

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