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Placement Agents & Third-Party Marketers

Build, retain, and strengthen your investor and manager networks

Comprehensive alternatives data helps you find and source the right investors, build strong relationships, and secure new and repeat business.

Raise capital for your clients

Find investors searching for investment opportunities that match with your fundraising mandates, and be the first to know about new investor searches and RFPs. See what is currently attracting investor attention and gain insight into their key concerns and expectations for a more persuasive pitch.

Strengthen your investor network

Broaden your investor network by maintaining relationships and attracting new investors with news, alerts, and exclusive data covering new commitments, key personnel changes, strategy preferences, past investments, and portfolio performance.

Beat the competition to new business opportunities

Be the first to learn about recent or anticipated fund launches and stand out to potential new clients with detailed information on their past funds, performance, relationships, and strategies. Keep a close eye on market and competitor activity by tracking recent fund closures, peers’ client wins and losses, and investor commitments.

Build a more persuasive pitch

Support your recommendations with our comprehensive and accurate performance data available in Preqin Pro. Place your client’s track record in the context of the broader fundraising market, and prove they offer the best opportunity to potential investors.

Put your relationships into a broader market context

Get to know the stakeholders that matter to your fundraising strategy using Preqin Pro, and build strong working relationships with targeted LPs to drive investments.

Discover why we're the thought leader in alternative assets

customer statistic

"Preqin is very important in our analysis of GPs and potential clients. We also use it to learn more about LPs and uncover LPs we haven't spoken to before." - Associate, Placement Agent Firm

As of May 2021.

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