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Institutional research powered by Preqin data

Access critical analysis and actionable insights on the global alternatives markets with a Preqin Insights+ subscription

Get an independent, all-encompassing view of private markets to formulate your own perspective and make the best strategic decisions.

Evaluate and inform your investment approach with our industry-leading research reports: Global Alternatives Reports, Investor Outlooks, Future of Alternatives Report, Quarterly Updates, Portfolio Allocation series, and much more.

Written by experienced practitioners who leverage the most comprehensive alternatives data to deliver objective, in-depth analysis on key private market topics.
When it comes to pursuing an effective alternatives strategy, data is key. To make the best decisions you need access to the latest insights, figures, and analysis across asset classes. You need Preqin Insights+.

Powered by Preqin data, Preqin Insights+ provides unmissable market intelligence when you need it, giving you an edge over your competitors.

Access award-winning analysis and insights for you and your entire team when you subscribe to Insights+

With Insights+, you'll get access to:

Global Alternatives Reports

Preqin's premier annual reports and exclusive data packs covering each of the seven private market asset classes

Robust Quarterly Updates

Dive deep into the alternative asset classes each quarter as the markets progress through the year

Investor Outlooks

Discover how assets are meeting investors' expectations, investors' future plans, commentary, and more

Annual Fund Terms Advisor

Access the ultimate guide to private capital fund terms and conditions

In Focus Reports

Data-driven research on topics including fundraising, strategies, sectors, and more

Annual Compensation Review

The industry's leading compensation guide, with salaries by fund type and the latest trends and statistics from around the world

Unmissable Analysis

Research on key areas such as valuations, ESG reporting, and cash flow data

Cutting-Edge Insights

Exclusive research, market commentary, reports, and analysis that grow alongside our data, and more!

The Insights+ advantage

Subscribing to Insights+ puts our in-house experts to work for you and everyone on your team. Leverage our analysts, economists, data scientists, and financial journalists to help you find the latest trends and navigate an increasingly complex landscape. You’ll also have access to our network of tens of thousands of general practitioners, limited practitioners, and consultants who are ready to deliver critical insights from across the alternatives market.

Our free Alternative Assets in 2023 report

Want a sample of the great content we regularly produce? Then download our free Alternatives in 2023 report to see the type of valuable content, expert analysis, and sector-specific information Preqin Insights+ members regularly receive.

Sign up to Preqin Insights+ today

Get in touch with our sales team and start enjoying the exclusive benefits of Preqin Insights+. Simply fill out the form and someone will be in touch soon.

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